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Related post: Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 13:32:11 +0800 From: ryan Subject: Reformation 29*Disclaimer*If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please do not read on. If you couldn't hot teen porn now accept themes of homosexuality and the like, please don't read on. porn sex teen virgen This is a story concerning gay males having intimate relationships and is considered FOR ADULTS ONLY due to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if you really like this stuff, please don't tell others.Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or in simpler terms, it's not true!!! Even slut teen if this story involves the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and other famous celebrities all that happens in here is fictional... again, it's not true. If there are reality ebony teen porn instances that it is similar to what happened in the real world, it doesn't mean that it's really true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, as far as the I and the photos teen porn pics world know, they're straight as an arrow so I dunno if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys and slash fiction. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC or other cited celebrity in the story personally. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...*First Words*Hi guys. Finally, I have decided to scrap off the HTML components of my stories. So, Reformation would be seen in the simple text format. I got a lil tired of putting it in HTML format but surely I'll miss doing it! My other stories are still there in the archives. What I See (JC story) and Crossed Paths(Brian/Justin). I know I'm trying to manage 3 stories but I'll really try my best sexy teen sandy porn to update all my stories. And remember, I love feedbacks.MAIL --> yr_ry_hotmail.comThe Reformation 29My eyes slowly opened as I try to shake off the sleepiness. I know that I was still in Brian's room because I could moms teaching teens sex still smell his scent from the sheets. The sore feeling in my ass hit me male teen porn models like a truck and the memory of our hot morning made me smile. But that teen masako fucked quickly dissipated when I felt that Brian was not nude teens pics on the bed at the moment. I looked at my left and my right but nude teen boy pics there was no one. I was alone in the room.I stood from the bed and rubbed my eyes because my vision was a little bit blurry. I walked to the chair where a robe was draped over and wore it to hide my nude body. I went out of the room and it seemed that it was really quiet. "Brian?" I said loudly but not to the point of a yell. I walked down the flight of stairs and found get into teen porn him teen porn in usa there on the den talking on the phone while the television was open teen animal fucking porn but 13 teen porn galleries I think he wasn't watching."Kevin, I know." free lesbion teen porn He said exasperated. It seemed that he was having an argument with Kevin. Well, what's teen black lesbian porn new? It was a typical thing to hear arguments white teen girls porn among the members of the Backstreet Boys, especially when it comes to talking with Kevin. They argue so much but they free cartoon teen porn don't let it reach to the point that they're killing each other. They're still gonna be friends in the end.I think Brian's not aware of my presence yet. I walked in front of him waving my hands before his face. He looked at me and his scowl softens and a smile appeared in his face. "Go on." I whispered and sat beside him placing my head on his shoulder and grabbed the remote control from his hands and surfed for a nice teen boy porn games show with his satellite TV. There are so many channels."We're not busy xxx teen porn galleries for a long time Kev. I think I can go anywhere." Brian's frown returned and I tried to dismiss the animosity he was feeling at the moment and tried to concentrate on the Bugs Bunny rerun. "I know. But Nick's gonna be there too." Brian pleaded with Kevin. "Yeah. I'll be careful, promise. I'm gonna hang up now, okay?" I was completely bored with the episode. Maybe it's the fact that sweet teen sex I've seen that a lot of times already. I placed my hand over Brian's hand and followed the marks on his palm. "Okay. Bye." Brian took the phone off of his ear and pressed the end button."What was that all about?" I asked him not stopping with my fascination with the lines of his palm."Kevin being his old grouchy self." He chuckled at his self. "You know him. He is always protective of the band and wants everything to be as smooth as possible with no problems." He added."So, I guess you have clearance to go with me?" I glanced at him and he was looking at me with a smile on his face."You know that no one can stop me." He answered with me as his other hand snaked behind me and aisen teen porn pulled me closer to him. "What do you wanna do?" He asked. I looked young teen celebrity porn at my watch and it read 2:00 pm. We have skipped lunch and I'm really itching to go out."Well, what about we hit the free nude teen vids mall and do some little shopping." I suggested.Brian groaned at my suggestion. "There's no such thing as little for you when it comes with shopping." Brian joked but I think it was kinda true."Please." I just looked at him pure teen movies porn with the sad puppy look that he free teen pictures porn does with me when he needs something."Fine." Brian said. I smiled and gave him a kiss."Come on, let's take a bath. I feel icky." I told Brian who grinned at me when I told him what we were about to do. "No hanky panky!" I stated and he just sported this very cute pout but I'm not gonna fall for this one. I'm still sore from earlier! I'm not a sex addict... yet.Well, true to what I said, there was no hanky panky that happened in the bath. teen porn vidio clips Well, Brian tried a couple of times but I stopped him at once coz if he continued it longer, I would surely fall for it and I think my body can't bear too much sex and of course, I can't delay my shopping. "You're no fun." Brian said childishly as he dressed teen blowjob facial porn up beside me."But I wanna go shopping!" I whined at him. And shopping is what we did.Brian was kind enough to keep up with me even if I can see how tired he was as we walked through almost all stores of the mall, which he suggested that we should go. He didn't complain but just complied with everything I was going and a couple of times, he gives me some nice bits of advice when I'm stomped with what color I should buy. I was happy with the mall coz there were lots of clothes shops there but not too illegal teen hardcore porn expensive for my taste but not too ***** as well. "Marty, isn't this enough?" Brian asked as he tried to carry almost all my bags. Well, it's hard to shop if you have you're holding teen girls masterbating porn many things, right?"I dunno." I said hesitantly. Brian just groaned at me. "Hey, many of the things I bought are for you." I told him."You don't have to buy me clothes, Martin. I have enough clothes to last my lifetime and my group teen sex grandchildren's lifetime." He chuckled."But I want to buy you stuff." I told him. "It's a couple thing." I giggled a teen lesbian reality porn bit."Martin, I know we haven't talked about this that much but aren't you overspending?" Brian asked me seriously that seized my giggling young teen ******** fit. So that's the nude hairy teens root of all of this. He's thinking that I couldn't afford all of these. And he's right; we haven't talked about my financial 'issues'. I know we touched this issue before but not in complete detail."Let's find a restaurant so lessbian teen porn we free teen porn russian can talk about all of this. I'm hungry." I told him as I dragged him across the mall. "But first, I just have to get those pair of shoes." Pointing at my right. "And those pants." Pointing at my left."God, you're so insatiable!" Brian said exasperated. I know he wanted to raise his hands but with hands filled with bags, he can just whine.After I bought the orange sneakers and the yellow pants teen tittan porn I saw, we looked for a cafe that's private enough for his stature, hopefully. Well, I don't wanna be mobbed because of all the bags we're carrying. Well, we did philippines teen porn find one and we ffree teen porn were situated in the corner where it's very hidden from passersby. The waiter took our orders and after homemade teen porn photography that, silence settled in."So?" Brian asked."Bri, I told you before. I have an accountant that settles all my accounts. And I doubt that I'm overspending hot teen erotic porn with these things. And IF I am, he's gonna contact me porn brazilian teen about it." I tried to little teen porn com explain once more to Brian."I just feel that it's too much." Brian said to me."No, it's free downloadable teen porn not." I told him. The two free teen porn pictrures of us settled to less serious talks until my phone rang. "Hello?" teen porn centerfold I answered."Mr. Johnson, this is Tom Pears." Tom said to me."Hey Tom! What's up?" I asked him because it was seldom for him to call me."You emailed me a few days back? I'm hot teen mexican porn sorry that I just called right now but I've been so preoccupied teens brutally fucked with settling your companies legal and financial issues." Tom apologized. I emailed Tom? Oh yeah, I did."I understand Tom. Well, my brother Alex is living with me and I just want everything to be all right with that. And hopefully, he's gonna go to college so I just want you to call him at home and talk with him with what course he wants to pursue. Then, contact cute young teen porn all the university that would be the best for him." I said. Brian just looked at me."Okay. I'll call him now. Bye." And he hangs up the phone."My lawyer." I told Brian gay teen boys pictures who seemed to be confused. "I emailed him a few days ago so he can fix up Alex's education and stuff. Alex hasn't given me any concrete answers about college but I'm trying to be evasive and start this now.""That's a very good uderae teen porn plan." Brian smiled at country teen porn me. The waiter returned to our table carrying our orders. He free ass tight teen placed them before free picture teen porn us. Before lunging in, we remained silent and I know that Brian is giving a silent prayer. It's one of the wonderful things I really love about Brian; he's so spiritual. He has a very healthy relationship with God. Something that I don't possess.Brian nodded at me and we started eating. "So, when are we leaving? And where are we heading?" Brian asked."My flight is scheduled tomorrow 3:00pm. We're gonna head home first to pick up Alex and plan other teen first timers porn stuff and then head to the NSYNC venue, which Alex still has. You still don't have a ticket, right?" I asked and Brian nodded at me. I fished out my cell phone from my pocket and started dialing the airlines' number to reserve Brian's ticket but Brian took my phone from my hand and waited for the airlines to answer."Good after ma'am. I wanna reserve a flight for DC at 3:00pm tomorrow please." Brian said on pervers teen porn the phone. "First class." Brian answered. "Brian Littrell. And can I ask teen porn couple for teen mia porn a favor?" He asked on the phone. "Can I have a seat beside Martin Johnson because we'll be flying together but he has reserved his ticket already." Brian paused for a while. "Thank you ma'am." He ended the phone huge adult teen porn and handed it back to me. "I think I can teen 3some porn videos get my own ride." Brian said with a grin."Whatever." I rolled my eyes. The two of us resumed eating with small talks about how our life went for the past few days and about others as well. My phone rang again. "Who on earth can this be?" I mumbled softly as I read the name of the caller in the screen. "Hi Nicky!" I answered."Hey Martin! teen porn heaven So everything okay there?" He asked."Define okay." I said sadly."You don't sound so good. I hope Brian wasn't an ass this time." Nick told me.I can't help not to lose my composure and just laughed a lot. "Ask him." I just told Nick and handed my phone to Brian who was grinning as well."Hey Nick!" Brian said cheerfully. He drank from his soda as he listened to Nick talking. "Yeah, we're great." He said. I looked at Brian amused as he laughed from what Nick must be saying. "We'll be going teen free xxx there in a few days. So, I'll see you then." Brian giggled. "I know!" He exclaimed. Now, I'm xxx teen porn gallery beginning to wonder what they were talking about. "I'll tell you the whole story when we see each other, okay? Here's Martin." Brian handed back the phone."Yeah?" I said."Congratulations! You two black teen porn only are just made for each other!" I could picture Nick bouncing wherever he was. He just sounded so giddy and hyper."Um, thanks." I said blushing. "Anyway, how are your two beaus?" I asked."They're out, as usual." Nick sighed. "I think they have a publicity thing somewhere and I don't wanna be there." Nick told me."Why don't you just go shopping?" I asked knowing our love for that activity. Brian just shook his head smiling once he heard me. I rolled my eyes."Done that." Nick said."Call them?" I suggested once more."Voice mail. They got tired of answering the phone every 5 minutes." He answered."Sleep?" I said."Not sleepy. I have enough sleep for a week already." at home teen porn He replied."I'm out of ideas." I said giggling a little bit brazilian teens getting fucked that made him laugh too."Thanks anyway. I'm gonna hang up now and try to teen titans toon porn look for something else to do in this hotel. I just have to release some energy. And I can't wait for you guys to come here. We're gonna have so much fun and we're all gonna shop until the shops drop!" Nick told me."I can't wait." I said enthusiastically. "Bye!" I ended the call. "We're all going shopping when we go there." I teen anal creampies told Brian who just groaned. "Hey! It was Nick's idea." I said and porn men rape teen he groaned more. He's so cute when he does that. We continued on eating our very late lunch. Well, I think it's an early dinner already. We just hope that there wouldn't be anymore interruptions. Well, there were none except a few people stopping by to ask for his autograph and I thought that gay teen groups we can eat in peace."Remind me to put on my disguise next time." Brian told me young teen girls pussy as the waiter handed us the bill, which I called for a few minutes ago when he was busy signing an autograph to a young girl. I giggled a little and before I could give my credit card to the waiter, Brian snatched away the bill and passed it to the waiter with his credit card. "My treat." He grinned at me cheesily. I just rolled my eyes.Once everything bi teen sex was settled, the two of us decided to head home. Well, it was all Brian's decision but I was itching to go to another mall but he was so persuasive. So, we started out to the car when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it hardcore teen ebony porn was from my house. So this could be Rich or Alex but my gut feeling says that it's Alex. "Yeah?" I answered. Brian opened the compartment and placed the bags there."Alex here." Alex said."Wazzup?" I asked. He walked to me and took the bags from my hands; I smiled at him mouthing a 'thank you'. He nodded and walked to compartment once more placing the remaining bags that I teen interracial porn stories held."A certain Tom Pears called." He teen handjob videos replied and I could sense that he wasn't that too excited about that."Yeah, I asked him to call you for your college stuff." I told him. Brian closed the compartment and walked to the driver's seat. Once inside, he opened my side and I went inside the car as well."Mart, I told you college isn't an option at the moment." Alex said."I know but gay teen porn video I just want you tell Tom any course you wanted so if you decided later on that you do want to go to a university, everything is set. And if you don't take it, then don't. It's no biggie." I tried to explain to him but I'm still gonna convince him that he needs a degree."Oh! I see. I thought you're still gonna push what you want." Alex said a little less agitated."So, what course did you pick?" I asked."Music of course!" Alex answered. Figures."That's cool! Tom is gonna find the best university for you, I'm sure." I told him. "By the way, Brian and I are coming home tomorrow, okay? We'll just catch a cab gay free teen porn so you won't be bothered.""Now that you mention trips, I called JC and he emailed me the itinerary of the tour. I guess we can meet them in New York on Friday." Alex informed me."Okay, that's gay teen sex cool. Why don't you set the flights blonde teen anal porn for three and just tell me the complete details tomorrow when I arrive." I said."Okay. Bye!" Alex hung up the phone and I returned my phone in my pocket."We're gonna go to New York on Friday." I informed Brian who just nodded. We were in the house in no time and just relax a teen little girl porn little bit because life on tour would be again strenuous for me and even for him. I haven't even planned anything for them. I need to get a hold of their flat chested teens nude set list so I can do some remixes that would fit and some added goodies.When I looked at Brian who was watching some movie that I don't know, all my worries just disappeared. I guess I'll just worry about my job when I reach the venue, but now, I'm all Brian's. Brian and mature teen porn I just laid on the bed cuddling each other talking about teen porn vids online different sorts of stuff -- care of me -- while watching some movie -- care of Brian. "I like this." I told him as I traced teen porn in california some invisible patterns on his arm."Yeah, I know." He answered me not averting his attention from the television. We fell into a comfortable rus teen porn silence until I felt him move. I looked at him and he was looking at me. uderage teen porn "If only we can live our life together like this." He sighed. How I wish it was that way."Someday, Bri. Someday." I told him. ---------------- End of ChapterHi everyone! I guess there's still no drama but I'm trying to make light chapters. I can't believe that I'm in my 29th chapter already! Gosh! Anyway, the next ones would deal teen boy porn with the NSYNC tour and I'm gonna try to touch the other pairing in the story and that's gonna be tough. I mean writing about a threesome is gonna be a tough one especially young teen sex porn that the dynamics of this type of relationship is really different and still considered as taboo. Oh well, I want something new in my series so free cambodian teen porn more stuff like that. And also, sorry for the delay of the chapters but the heat in the Philippines is really bothering me. ~sigh~Thanks to ALL of you who have taken the time and MAILED me! teen age porn I truly appreciate it very much. A big, big shout to my Danish pals, Chris and Danny, I hope you always be in love forever coz you compliment each other perfectly. You two are made for each other! :-)PLEASE!!!! Send me feedbacks... I'm a feedback addict! I so love those feedbacks. Short, long, good or bad, free caroline teen porn or just whatever... drop xxx nude teen porn me a line okay? I also have most of the IM programs out there and I'm usually on, hopefully you can catch me.AIM : pseud0ry Yahoo! : yr_ry MSN : yr_ry_hotmail.com ICQ : 156360427Also, I'm usually in the boyband passed out teen porn chatroom.NEW Addie is: yr_ry_hotmail.comEMAIL me.A big 'HI' to the people in the Nifty Boyband Chatroom and CRAZY!!! They are so nice, especially Wes, Dru, CJ, Duckie, Strat, Clive, Jayson... and the list goes on. Wanna say hi to my friend Byron who have helped me with his support and his friendship! Stay strong in your relationship! Finally, a big big 'thank you' to nude russian teen David who maintains the Nifty archives, without him, we free teen porn galleriers won't be reading any of the best slash fics in the world!Also, here are my suggestions of other cool stories in the archive that influenced me in my craft.NSYNC Stories. + Jamie's Romance (Justin) + Love teen school porn Thru Chat (JC/Justin, Lance) + Josh and Just (JC/Justin) + Lance in Shining Armour (Lance) + My New Life (Lance) + Justin's Dark Angel (Justin) + My Surprise Romance (Lance) + Life with Justin (Justin) + JC's Hitchhiker (JC) + Jimmy Needs Assistance free porn japan teen (Lance) + Lance, JC and an Astral Fan (Lance/JC) + Lance's Search (Lance/JC) + Like the Rain (Justin) + Time Stood Still + JC Dreams (JC) + My Soulmate JC (JC) + Sans Vous, Je Suis Rien (Justin) + Chance Meeting (Justin) + Needing You (Lance/Eminem)Backstreet Stories. + Because sammie teen porn I Love You (Brian/Nick) + Double Take (Brian/Nick) + Bad Boy B-Rok (Brian) + Heir to the Darkness (Brian/Nick) + Kevin and Dustin (Kevin) + French Kiss Me (Brian) + Millennium Love (Brian) + Forever (Kevin) + Get Another Boyfriend (Kevin) + Heir to the Darkness (Nick/Brian) + Insecurities (Nick) + On the Streets (Kevin) + Brian and Tommy (Brian)Crossover Stories. + free teen blowjob movies Brian and Justin (Brian/Justin) + The One (Brian/Justin) + Living (Almost all of NSYNC, BSB and 98') --> found in www.matthewtime.com
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